Reformed Reflections

The Christ of the Empty Tomb
by James Montgomery Boice;
Moody Press, Chicago, 1985; Hardcover, 126 pp

Christianity is a religion of hope. Christ has risen from the dead. This is a non-negotiable fact of history. Through Him we have a future. Death is not the end but a new beginning in Christ. The resurrection was totally unexpected by those who first saw the Lord. But once they had seen him, they become utterly convinced of its Truth. They went everywhere proclaiming the glad tidings of Christ's victory over the grave. The resurrection proved, "That there is a God and the God of the Bible is the true God; That Jesus is God's unique Son and that He is fully divine; that all who believe in Jesus Christ are justified from all sin;A that the believer in Christ can have supernatural victory over sin in this life; and that we too shall rise again". Christ's resurrection is the best news ever told.

The Easter event is the theme of James Boice's book. It is a collection of sermons he preached at the Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. They are expository, and thoroughly Biblical. They create a sense of excitement about Jesus Christ's victory. A blessing to read!

James Boice was not only the pastor of the renowned Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, he was also a prolific author. He served as an assistant editor for Christianity Today. He was also chairman of the International Council of Biblical Inerrancy and founder of the Philadelphia Conference of Reformed Theology.

Johan J. Tangelder