Reformed Reflections

Encouragement: The Key to Caring;
by Lawrence J. Crabb, Jr. and Dan B. Allender;
Zondervan Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, lunch., 1984; hardcover, 139 pp.

The epistle to the Hebrews tells us to "encourage one another". (10:19-25) We all need encouragement. Our sinful world makes Christian life hazardous. What is encouragement? It is "the kind of expression that helps someone want to be a better Christian, even when life is rough”. Who can encourage? Christians who have a self-examined heart and a compassionate discerning sensitivity to the need of others. The authors have a wholesome emphasis on the ministry of the local church. The church is not an organizational or a business enterprise. Christians must have a listening ear and a caring attitude. Through mutual ministry troubled people can be restored to purposeful lives, able to bear testimony to God's redeeming power before a watching world.

This book is written for lay people. It is a good text with an abundance of anecdotes, for young people, couples’ clubs or study groups.

Johan D. Tangelder