Reformed Reflections

Iranian Christian by Nasser Lofti;
Wood Books Publisher, 4800 West Waco Drive,
Waco Texas 76703, 1980; 163 pp.

The balance of power in the world today is shifting from the Western nations to the Middle East where oil money is abundant. Petro dollars aid the spread of Islam. In Great Britain it is growing at the rate of 10.8 percent per year. The second largest religious group in France is the Muslims.

Nasser Lofti wrote his book to aid Christians in bridging a gap in understanding between the West and Islam. The author is an Iranian, who was brought up as a devout Muslim. As a young teenager he committed his life to the Lord through the influence of an American visitor to his home. The account of his suffering for his newly found faith is a moving and powerful testimony to the grace of God.

In story form, Lofti explains the basic principles of Islam and some Iranian customs. One chapter also sketches a theoretical dialogue between a Muslim and a Christian. This section of the book warrants careful examination by anyone who desires to learn more about the dynamics of Islam.

Nesser Lofti is an evangelist with the non-denominational World Hope Foundation. He holds a Ph. D. in Language Education from the University of Texas. Some years were spent with the military in Iran and abroad as pilot, parachutist, armor officer, and foreign language teacher.

Dr. Lofti turned from Islam to the Christian Faith. In this process he shed his cultural identity. His Christianity has been conditioned by the Western secular spirit. As a Muslim he was trained in a total world and life view. He now makes a distinction between the sacred and the secular. He writes about secular schools preventing the teaching of religion. “Most religious education, then, comes a few hours a week, or less from the church or whatever time the parents devote to the children’s religious education at home.”

We need to read about Islam as we come more and more in contact with it. Dr. Lofti’s popularly written book provides some unique insights. It is a personal look at beliefs and attitudes that fuel the passions in the Middle East. This biography and introduction to Islam is good reading.

Johan D. Tangelder