Reformed Reflections

Leaderships: The Dynamics of Success
by Cyril J. Barber and Gary H. Strauss;
The Attic Press, Greenwood, S.C., 1982s Softcover, 126 pp.

One of the crucial problems today is a crisis of effective and real leadership. We need new and dynamic leadership. The days of the "self-made" leader, who relied on his own personal experiences and intuition for success, are over. How can one become an effective leader? This book on leadership is not about any kind of leader, but about managers in business. How can managers make an impact and assure that their employees are productive and satisfied with their jobs? The answers are found in Scripture. A viable theory of leadership must have a solid foundation. However, the authors don't treat the Bible as a textbook on management.

It provides an absolutely dependable analysis of the nature of man. A major obstacle to successful management lies on the feelings of insecurity. In chapter 2, the authors take a close look at an organization where the inner needs for security are not met. In chapter 3 and 4 they probe the origin of insecurity.

We all suffer feelings of insecurity because of our sinful human nature. In chapters 5,6, and 7 the repressive-compulsive, emotional impulsive and rational-congruent styles of leadership are discussed. A manager's relationship to God is foundational for a restored sense of belonging and security. How does a converted manager act? In our consumers and power hungry society the "servant-type" of leadership is little understood. But a Christian manager can model himself in the light of Christ's servanthood (cf. John 13:12-15).

Christian managers and businessmen will find this book useful. The authors are experts in their field. Dr. Cyril J. Barber has published a book on the Dynamics of Effective Leadership and is a library consultant and has been an accountant and educator. Dr. Gary H. Strauss is a licensed psychologist who has had an active ministry to professional people through "Executive Seminars" as well as in his counselling practice.

Johan D. Tangelder