Reformed Reflections

'Expository Studies In 1 John. Life by the Son. A Discovery Bible Study Book
by Ray C. Stedman; Word Books Publisher, Waco, Texas, 1980;
G.R. Welch, Burlington, Ont.; 381 pp.,

Some time ago on visiting one of my elderly parishioners in the hospital I found him reading sermons. How many still have this habit? Wasn't Word, the publisher, too optimistic when he decided to get this book of sermons on the market? So much in the evangelical book world is so very light and frothy that I wonder about the Christian reader's desire to do some serious study of scripture. Fortunately, Stedman's book doesn't fit the lightweight category. He leads the reader into a treasure house. Life by the Son is a serious attempt to discover the meaning of the biblical message and to apply it to those who seek guidance. Expository preaching and writing is not easy. But it is richly rewarding. It strengthens one's faith and deepens knowledge of scripture.

Are you out of touch with God? Does your relationship with your fellow believers need repair? What are the obstacles to good fellowship, and how do we overcome them? Stedman believes that the apostle John is the great "Mender... whose special mission is to call believers back to the strong foundational faith which they had from the beginning." He has divided his study into five major themes, issues that need constant watching and mending: fellowship, truth, righteousness, love and assurance.

The reading of expository sermons is a good habit either to maintain or to get into. Achieving spiritual growth still takes work. Every student of the Word can benefit from this book. This paperback is well worth purchasing.

Johan D. Tangelder,