Reformed Reflections

On Christian Truth by Harry Blamires;
Servant Books, Ann Arbor, Mich., 1983; hardcover, 140 pp.

Harry Blamires, talented author and teacher, offers a fresh, masterful and uncompromising summary of the orthodox Christian faith. In thirty brief chapters he discusses questions about God, what Christians believe about heaven and hell, worship, suffering, and so on. He is not afraid to tackle difficult issues head-on, and interacts skillfully with modern thought, without using theological jargon. He is faithful to Scripture. He demonstrates that Christianity offers an inspiring, intellectually stimulating, soul-satisfying, and honest view of reality. Both the emotion and the mind receive their due.

This most readable book, written in a superb literary style, is useful for one who searches for Truth as well as for all who are in the Truth. On Christian Truth is like a roadmap that guides the Christian through the great doctrines of the faith. A welcome contribution in our doctrinal flabby and experience oriented times!

Johan D. Tangelder