Reformed Reflections

Thou Holdest My Right Hand. On Pastoral Care of the Dying by D. Los.
Translated by Theodore Plantinga. Pastoral Perspectives II;
Inheritance Publications, Neerlandia, Alberta, Canada. Pb.; 141 pp


Pastoral care to people who are dying is not just the ministry of pastors. It is the calling of every believer. When we provide care along Scriptural guidelines and support patients in their final days, we give them the best care they can possibly get. 

To help church members in their pastoral calling the author supplies them with sound Biblical teaching on illnesses and the meaning of death, accompanied with appropriate illustrations from his own experiences as a minister in congregational and hospital settings. He also gives good advice on how to approach patients and their families. The author rightly argues that the 6000 cases of euthanasia per year in the Netherlands would be greatly reduced if a system of hospices (institutions for the dying) were established there. 

A much needed book, which should be in every church library, and mandatory for all involved in ministry to the sick and dying.  

Johan D. Tangelder