Reformed Reflections

True Christianity by John W.Whitehead;
Crossway Books,Westchester,i11.,1989; Softcover,123 pp

Secularism has become a powerful force in North America. This ideology even seeks to be the only valid point of view. It is a totalitarian ideology. What is Christianity doing in reaction to secularism? The secular spirit. has even influenced the church. Why has the church lost the battle in the war of ideas? According to Whithead, the church has accommodated itself to the secular spirit of the age. It has sought to entertain rather than preach and practice the Gospel.

Christianity is ailing. There is a crisis of Christian beliefs in the sanctity of human life, in the Judeo-Christian ethic in general, in the existence of evil and even in the concept of God. Who still stands for truth and righteousness? With some notable exceptions, timidity is the rule. A lack of outrage against the evils of our time is a striking characteristic of modern Christianity. Only a revitalized Christian church, practicing true Christianity, is capable of confronting our secular society. Christ believers can still provide true direction to our culture. We must return to the thinking of the Reformers, who knew full well that Christianity speaks to ALL of life, science, philosophy, art, politics, medicine, and so on. For them, ALL truth was God's truth. "True Christianity", says Whitehead, "speaks to all of life, not just- to narrowly 'religious' concerns. "Renewal of faith will come as Christians reaffirm the essential doctrines taught by Scripture and are put into practice. Ideas and beliefs always have consequences for individuals and society.

This slender volume is hard-hitting, provocative, yet compassionate. Whithead is sharply critical of the contemporary church scene. He exposes the woefully inadequate response of the church to the avalanche of secularism, but also provides the solution – the return to true Biblical Christianity. An excellent book! A select bibliography for further study is provided.

John Whithead is a leading constitutional attorney in the United States. In 1982 he founded the Rutherford Institute, an educational organization that initiates and participates in lawsuits concerning free speech and free exercise of religion.

Johan D.Tangelder