Reformed Reflections

The world at Your Door by Dr. Tom Phillips, Bob Norsworthy with W.Terry Whalin.
Bethany House Publishers, Minneapolis, Minn.,1997. Paperback,230pp.

Shortly after my wife and I moved to London we were approached by students of the Asian Christian Fellowship at the University of Western Ontario with the request to function as their counselors. We agreed and have been involved ever since. Each week we meet for prayer and Bible study or listen to a special speaker. Most of these students are Chinese, some hail from Vietnam, Laos, and Malaysia. Not all students are from overseas. Some are born and raised in Canada, yet feel more at home with their own ethnic background than with a Caucasian group. We have also had students over for supper and discussions. A rewarding experience! I recall one student telling us that he had never been in a " Canadian " (Caucasian) home before. I wonder how many Christians in university and college cities realize the potential for “foreign missions" right near their own homes?

The book, The World at Your Door Reaching International Students in your Home, Church, and School gives practical advice on ministry to foreign students, ranging from food preparations and sensitivity to cultural differences to suggestions regarding outreach to Muslims and how to develop friendships. This very readable book combines a captivating storytelling style with a wealth of information. As it is geared to the American market, Canadians will have to do their own research as far as accessibility to foreign students is concerned. This book should be in every church library and discussed by evangelism committees in or near university cities. Foreign students present a wonderful opportunity for Christians to introduce future leaders of various nations to the Gospel.

. Johan D. Tangelder